What is a metal laser machine?

A laser cutting machine for metal is a modern device capable of cutting various metals due to the high power of the fiber optic emitter. Such equipment is characterized by high performance and is able to provide a decent income.

Quality metal cutter

  • ensures high precision of metal cutting due to the minimum diameter of the laser beam;
  • creates a smooth edge that does not require additional processing;
  • cuts up to 50 millimeters of material per second, due to which it outperforms other cutting tools;
  • allows you to create products of complex configuration due to precise positioning;
  • cuts blanks end-to-end, which saves metal;
  • does not require the use of clamping devices for sheets;
  • works automatically: the program commands – numerical control (CNC ), which allows you to create an unlimited number of completely identical products from steel or other metal;
  • does not need expensive consumables, the price of consumables is low: you need to periodically change the gas tube, nozzle and protective glass.

But in order to take advantage of all the advantages of a metal cutter , you need to purchase a high-quality laser cutting machine for metal. Otherwise, you may encounter the fact that the machine will cut the metal inaccurately and unevenly, or even break after a short time. A more serious consequence of buying a low-quality device can be harm to the health of a working person and even a threat to life.

How to choose a laser machine for metal?

Laser metal cutting machines are capable of cutting various types of metals , including stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanized steel, aluminum, brass and copper, ferrous metals and others.

Experts recommend choosing a laser machine for metal, focusing on a few key points.

  • Emitter power.
  • Case material and thickness.
  • metal cutting speed .
  • The dimensions of the working field of the metal cutter.

Emitter power

This parameter affects how thick the sheets of metal can be cut, as well as how fast the metal cutter will work , how accurate the cutting of steel will be, and how long the laser machine for metal will last. Laser equipment is capable of cutting sheets (sheet) up to 30 mm thick.

Housing material and thickness

Metal body material . It is important that it is made of dense, strong steel, and its thickness is sufficient to maintain its configuration under high load and eliminate vibrations.

Metal cutting speed

When choosing a metal cutter , not all buyers pay attention to this indicator. But it depends on it with what productivity the equipment will be able to work, what will be the price of finished products, and what profit you can ultimately get.

metal cutting speed is affected by the design of the mechanical part of the drives, the power of the emitter, what gas is used in it and with what pressure.

The speed of the metal cutter directly depends on the thickness of the metal being processed. So, a sheet of steel with a thickness of 1 millimeter, a machine with a 1000 W emitter will cut at a speed of 8-10 meters per minute. And a sheet of the same metal of 12 millimeters – 50-80 centimeters per minute.

Working area dimensions

The larger the area planned to cut metal, the larger should be the dimensions of the coordinate table. Experts recommend choosing metal cutters with large tables for cutting metal .

For cutting decorative elements, a laser machine for metal with a relatively small table is suitable: 600×1000 mm, 300×400 mm, and so on.

It is important to consider that the table for the metal cutter cannot be replaced with a larger one in the future. You will have to buy a new machine if you need a larger area.

When buying a metal cutter, it is worth deciding in advance how much work and for what time it is planned to perform on it. This also affects the area of the working field, respectively, and the dimensions of the metal cutter itself. According to these parameters, laser cutting machines for metal are divided into three groups.

  • Desktop laser cutting machines. The working area of the same devices varies in the range from 200×300 to 400×600 millimeters. You can put a desktop metal cutter on a regular desk or kitchen table. With low power (from 40 to 80 W), they are able to cut thin metal or other material, for example, to create souvenirs, toys, jewelry, stamps, seals. Such desktop … are suitable for home and office, but it is problematic to produce products for sale on them.
  • Medium format metal cutters. The size of the desktop varies from 600×900 to 1500×2500 mm. Higher power emitters are installed so that thick sheets can be cut. Metal cutters of this type are usually used in small and medium-sized production workshops.
  • Large format laser cutting machines. They are distinguished by the presence of a large desktop – 1200×200 – 2000×3000 mm. On such a table, you can put a standard sheet of metal. Similar equipment can be found in large enterprises where cutting of large volumes is performed …

There are many models of steel and metal processing equipment on the market. The power of metal cutters varies over a wide range, as do the dimensions …, and the dimensions of the working field.

For the home, … compact desktop metal cutters with a 70-100 W fiber optic laser are suitable, for marking products from … 20-50 W is enough. The compact size of this … allows you to place it on a desk or kitchen table, and an affordable price ( from $ 1500) makes it possible to purchase … for home use – for a hobby or small-scale production. So small.. good for beginners.

Desktop moving mechanism

Modern models of metal cutters almost all have the function of raising and lowering the desktop. However, it still does not hurt to check before buying whether it is in the selected model of a laser machine for metal .

The second point that is important to consider when purchasing a metal cutter is what kind of control this mechanism is provided for. It can be manual or automatic. If you plan to frequently change the position of the table or work on a medium format metal cutter

, it is better to choose the second option.

Additional features

Manufacturers of metal cutters can add various features to their devices that make work faster and easier.

Two working heads. They are located in the same plane and are able to process metal in parallel. This doubles the productivity of the metal cutter and allows you to reduce the cost of services, offering products at a competitive price

Scanner (video camera). Such a device recognizes the contour of the image, in order to then send it to the computer, where it is corrected, and then goes back to the metal cutter, where the material is cut or engraved.

Conveyor feeding of the workpiece. On such a laser machine for metal

can cut roll materials. the sheet is fed automatically, due to which the productivity of the metal cutter increases significantly.

Swivel mechanism. Allows you to engrave on metal blanks in the form of cylinders.

Control system

laser machine for metal directly depend on its effectiveness.

Support and maintenance

Buying a laser machine for metal

, it is important to ensure that in the future there are no difficulties with the maintenance of the equipment. It is worth asking the seller what kind of support he is able to provide, how quickly he is ready to make repairs, deliver a broken part if necessary.

The best option is when the supplier of … a fiber optic laser has its own service center in Russia, and even better – in several regions of the country.

Wattsan 1325 – metal cutter

Consider two laser cutting machine

Wattsan brands that meet the highest requirements guarantee the production of quality metal products

and have the best value for money.

and quality features.

Wattsan 1325 – medium format metal cutter , whose main task is to cut sheet metal

The emitter power of a fiber laser varies from 1 to 3 kW.

In the basic configuration, the working field is 1300×2500 mm, it is possible to process a sheet


up to 3 mm thick. Optionally cut thicker metal

metal cutter

complete with table 1500×3000 mm. At the request of the customer, a fiber optic laser can be manufactured at the Wattsan factory

with individual parameters of the working field.

This model has a number of significant advantages.

Strong and reliable frames that do not allow vibration of the laser machine for metal during the cutting process.

Each frame goes through several stages of processing, including stoving in a stress relief oven and milling. The service life of such elements is 10 years or more.

The segmented welded frame is a reliable foundation for the structure. metal thickness

– from 6 to 8 millimeters, as well as the number of stiffeners are selected in accordance with the dimensions of the working field of the fiber laser

Mitsubishi brand engines . The world-renowned quality of the products of the famous Japanese brand guarantees trouble-free operation of the metal cutter

Engines give a minimum of vibration and acceleration up to 2G.

Reducers Simpo. This item is a laser cutting machine

– an intermediary between the engine and the helical gear that moves the portal.

Raytools BT and BM series laser heads are equipped with the RADAR system. The capacitive sensor prevents collisions with other elements…

Autofocus function – focusing lens fiber laser

controlled by an electronic system. This is a necessary feature when you need to cut and punch thick metal .

The premium quality IPG emitters produced in Russia are considered to be among the best in the world. Enables metal cutting


, the thickness of which is 30-40% higher than that of competing manufacturers. Fiber protection keeps the fiber laser running smoothly , preventing breakage due to non-ferrous metal shooting

During operation, the power decreases slightly: by 1-3% over several years.

Wattsan RD – laser cutting machine for metal

Fiber laser, Wattsan RD pipe cutter is able to cut both standard and complex shapes pipes. The former include metal products of round, oval, rectangular, square sections. To the second – I-beams and channels.

On a metal cutter, it is possible to process steel pipe blanks with a wall thickness of 0.5 to 12 millimeters – thin-walled and thick-walled. Metal pipes diameter 10-330 mm, length – 3-6 meters, up to 12 meters – on request.

An important advantage of such a laser cutting machine for metal is a minimum of waste: the length of the residue is no more than 18 centimeters, which reduces the cost of finished products.

The functionality of this laser machine for metal allows you to cut parts of complex configurations, cut holes, cut sheets. This creates a clear edge with a quality edge.

Structurally , the laser machine for metal includes three zones – pipe feeding, cutting and acceptance. The length of the metal cutter as a whole is 12 meters, the weight is 5.8 tons.

Wattsan RD has a number of significant advantages.

  • The RayTools fiber laser head is equipped with a standard or 3D nozzle. When cutting metal with a thickness of 4-6 millimeters or more, an autofocus system is used.
  • Swivel cutting head to bevel up to 45 degrees to cut pipe and make holes at a specific angle. This option of a metal cutter improves the quality of pipe welding in the future – seamless, beveled, short pipes made of metal and steel, as well as metal products that are connected with bolts.
  • One-piece cast frame, the elements of which are annealed in a furnace, which relieves the stress of the metal. The bed is not deformed and possesses the increased resistance to vibrations. Service life – 20 years or more.
  • Five servo arms support the workpiece to prevent swaying and skew. Two in the loading area, three – unloading.
  • Self-centering clamping devices to securely clamp metal and steel pipes.
  • Five YASKAWA brand servomotors: one each on the front and rear chucks and on each of the three axes. Reducers Nidec Shimpo.
  • HIWIN linear guides and Lean B2 helical rails, maximum reliability and precision.
  • The FSCUT 5000 control system belongs to the latest generation of controllers for metal laser cutting machines. The functionality of the system is significantly increased compared to its predecessor – FSCUT 3000: it allows you to cut metal faster and makes the production process easier.
  • Tube Pro and TubesT software helps you quickly identify and compensate for tube deviations, resulting in high-precision cutting of metal and steel.
  • Inductive sensors are triggered at a distance of 5 millimeters, preventing the collision of working elements.

for fixing pipes made of metal and steel : mechanical, electric or pneumatic cartridges.

These pipe cutters equipped with a fiber optic laser are the best choice for large and medium-sized metal and steel processing industries.

This fiber optic laser cutter is twice as efficient as standard turbo cutters. This allows you to reduce production costs, prime cost, in order to offer customers products at a competitive price.

The ability to chamfer and punch holes at a given angle expands the range of services, which makes it possible to attract new customers.

The carefully thought-out design of the metal laser machine, the use of components of well-known reliable brands, the use of the latest software provide high quality cutting of metal and steel, and several times increase the productivity of the laser cutting machine for metal. Additional machining of metal and steel is not required.

The metal cutter is serviced by only one operator, who needs to undergo training within one to three days, depending on the level of preparedness.

Setup, commissioning and warranty service of the Wattsan RD pipe cutter are free of charge.

Working principle of laser metal cutting machine

The operation of a laser cutting machine for metal is based on the ability of a laser (a powerful narrow beam of light) to heat materials to a high temperature, melt them and evaporate. Due to this, pipes and sheets can be cut metal, steel or make indentations in them, creating inscriptions and drawings (engraving).

To create such a powerful light beam in the machine tool industry, three technologies are used

a gas tube in which light rays are produced by carbon dioxide molecules subjected to an electrical discharge and then focused using special lenses;

fiber optic (ytterbium) lasers, where the radiation is produced by fiber light guides and is also focused;

solid-state devices (SAG), which use activated dielectric crystals.

For cutting metal and steel , the first and second types of lasers are usually used. They allow these materials to be cut without the need for additional processing, as is necessary in machines with a gas tube.

In addition, the solid-state and fiber-optic laser is able to cope with metal and steel of greater thickness and density.

Let’s take a closer look at how a metal cutter with a fiber optic laser works.

The laser beam is generated by an ytterbium ( fiber optic) emitter – the laser is transmitted through an optical fiber to the laser cutting head.

In the cutting head, a fiber laser beam is focused by a lens and guided through a nozzle onto the surface of a metal or steel workpiece. To prevent dust particles from entering the beam, protective glasses and ventilation are installed in the head.

The cutting height and focus of the fiber laser beam are controlled by a tracking system controlled by specialized software.

To cool the laser head and emitter, the fiber laser is equipped with a chiller – cooler. In laser machines for metal, this is an indispensable element.

The cutting laser head of the metal cutter is controlled by an automatic controller that regulates the operation of the engine, rail, guides, desktop.

Special software “manages” the laser machine for metal with a fiber optic laser. The quality and efficiency of the software directly affects the quality of metal and steel cutting, as well as the productivity of the metal cutter.

The cost of a fiber optic laser is quite high, but the price pays off with efficient operation and a long service life – up to 100,000 hours.

What can be cut with a metal laser cutting machine ?

Fiber laser metal cutters are used in the production of steel and metal products in the machine tool industry, the aviation industry, the automotive industry, electrical industries, the furniture industry and so on.

With the help of a fiber laser, steel and metal are made


advertising structures;

building elements;

sea and rail containers;

trade software;

machine tools;

home appliances ;

parts of cars, planes and rockets and so on.

Answers on questions

How much does a laser cutting machine cost ?

The cost of processing equipment … depends on its functionality. And this is determined by the power of the emitter – a fiber- optic laser, the power of the engine, the strength and reliability of the bed and frame, the size of the working table of the metal cutter for steel and metal, the quality of the software, the availability of useful options (chiller and waste collection container, ….) All this affects price metal laser machine.

If the house has enough … at a cost of 4360, for example, WATTSAN 6040, a large-scale production requires a high-performance …, capable of cutting large and thick sheets of metal and steel, large and thick pipes of metal and steel , and do it quickly. Such … will cost tens of thousands of dollars – from 60,000 to 114,000 and more.

Can a laser cutting machine cut metal?

Yes, the laser is capable of cutting metal and steel . The best results in the processing of these materials are given by a fiber-optic laser and solid-state ones. CO2 lasers are rarely used for cutting steel . They are not able to cut hard metal sheets and pipes: these … are usually used for home and to cut soft metals .

fiber laser can process almost any metal , stainless and carbon steel

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