Laser Cnc Machine for home - Guide

Laser cutting machines are universal equipment that can be used not only in large-scale industries, in workshops, but also at home. Laser engraving and cutting on wood and metal, leather, acrylic, glass and other materials allows you to create unique products for yourself, as a gift, for sale .

But in order for the equipment worked properly, it is important to carefully consider the choice of apparatus. Poor-quality electronic components, a laser emitter, too thin body and portal material, and other shortcomings – all this can lead to a decrease in the quality of the engraving or cutting result, and can even be dangerous to human health and life.

Therefore, the device must be purchased exclusively from a reliable specialized company that sells such equipment of well-known world brands.

Criteria for choosing a laser machine for the home

When choosing a laser machine for the home to process metal, wood and other materials, you should pay attention to equipment with a CO2 emitter (gas devices) and fiber (ytterbium) lasers.

  • In the first case, a focused heat beam is created by carbon dioxide molecules. In the second, it is produced by fiber light guides. Both those and other models are compact in size, that is, they can be installed in small rooms, including at home.
  • Gas lasers are capable of cutting and engraving wood, leather, plastic, stone, rubber, as well as metals – when using a special coating. Fiber are designed for metal, plastic and ceramics.
  • The third type, solid-state laser machines (SLAs), are used for metal processing, including hard steel or silicon. They are not suitable for working with wood and glass.

Thus, when choosing a laser machine , the first thing to decide is what material you plan to process. If wood, rubber, leather, plastic – you need a CO2 laser. Metal, ceramic or plastic – fiber. Metal or ceramics – solid state.

Further points can be considered:

  • functions – cutting or engraving, or both;
  • size of the working field;
  • d table lowering depth;
  • dimensions of the room where the device will be installed ;
  • additional features;
  • budget for the purchase of a machine .

Functions: engraving or laser cutting?

Choosing a device you need to understand whether you will only cut materials with it or do engraving too. Most Models can perform both operations.

However, if you want to engrave metal blanks, you will need to purchase a machine specifically for metal blanks, because devices for wood and other materials are usually not able to engrave hard metal.

Working area dimensions for cnc machine

This depends on the dimensions of the device itself, as manufacturers produce equipment, focusing on the standard dimensions of materials.

So, if you need a device for woodworking, you should take into account the standard parameters of a plywood sheet – 1525×1525 mm. Rubber and two-layer plastic are produced in sheets of 700×700 mm. Of course, it is convenient when the whole of such a sheet is placed on the field of a laser machine .

However, for materials 1525×1525 millimeters, a medium-format device with a working area from 60×90 to 160×100 cm is required. It is difficult to place such equipment in a city apartment, house or private garage. It is more often used in workshops and production shops. Large-format devices (200×300 cm) are suitable only for enterprises that produce large volumes of products.

For home use, the most suitable solution is a desktop device. Its working area can reach 600×400 millimeters, and its small size allows you to place the laser cutting machine on a desk in a city apartment, put it in a garage, or a home workshop. Compact models can be used both for personal needs and for the production of products for sale.

Depth of table lowering

The thickness of the material that can be processed depends on how much the worktable can lower .

In some models, such as the fiber Wattsan FL LT Max Photonics, the height of the table can be adjusted. This is important for laser engraving or laser cutting of bulky or thick products: hockey pucks, thick foam rubber, etc. Such devices can also be used for flat materials.

In others, like the Wattsan 0203 micro , it is fixed. Such models are suitable for processing flat sheets. This machine is a suitable home purchase for making magnets, stamps and souvenirs.

Adjustment of the desktop can be manual or automated. The second option is more convenient for the home if you plan to work a lot with materials of different thicknesses.

Thus, before choosing a model, it is important to decide which blanks (volumetric or flat) you plan to cut or engrave. And also determine the size of these products.

Desktop view of cnc machine

The device can be equipped with a desktop of one of three varieties – lamella, honeycomb or

  • Lamella is the most common solution, which is most often found in basic configurations. The option is convenient: it is easy to remove and clean the slats. Houses this is suitable because lamella tables are small in size, they can work with fabric or small parts, wood and metal, plastic, rubber and leather. But it will not work to process cardboard and paper, or thin.
  • Honeycomb tables are made of metal: they resemble a honeycomb. Due to the fine-mesh structure, a fairly dense base is obtained, through the holes of which small parts do not fall through. Such devices are suitable for laser cutting of fabrics and paper – thin materials.
  • Conveyor tables are used to work with rolled materials, primarily with leather – natural or artificial, fabric, paper. The workpiece is fed continuously, thereby increasing the productivity of the equipment. Such tables are usually installed in medium and wide format machines. 

So, the choice of how to feed the workpiece depends on the type of materials that will be processed on a laser machine for the home.


This indicator affects the cutting speed and the depth of cut of the workpiece in one pass.

If we talk about gas devices, then the power of the laser tube varies between 40-400 watts. In desktop models, this parameter is lower than in floor models, and can reach 96 watts. The service life of laser tubes in desktop laser machines for woodworking is 1500-3000 hours.

To make souvenirs from 5 mm birch plywood, it is enough to purchase a 50 W machine for your home .

Medium format models are characterized by a longer operation of the laser emitter – 6500-10000 hours , which allows laser cutting of thicker workpieces. However, this is not the best solution for the home. 


We are talking about the body, control system, guides and other elements.

  • The case is made of durable dense metal more reliable than aluminum.
  • A high-quality controller improves the efficiency of the equipment.
  • Guides in desktop models are more often used roller (with a working field of 200×300 mm) and rail (up to 600×400 mm).
  • The thick aluminum portal sags less, which improves the quality of work.
  • A three-phase motor is the optimal solution for a desktop laser machine.
  • Inductive sensors are more accurate than mechanical sensors.
  • Water cooling is a useful option for any machine , and a must for a machine with a power of 80 W or more.
  • The waste tray for laser cutting is easy to remove and clean.

Laser cnc machines for home: TOP-5

Consider several models of laser machines that are able to give maximum results when cutting and engraving metal, wood and other materials.

Wattsan 0203 micro

Wattsan 0203 micro has minimal dimensions – 810×500×260 mm, so it can be easily placed on a regular desk. Such a device weighs 28 kilograms, that is, you can bring and install it yourself, without involving assistants.

The dimensions of the working field 200×300 mm are convenient for processing small parts, making souvenirs, engraving on leather or notebooks, watches, flat glass.

The power of the NoName laser tube with a d18f40 lens and D20 water cooling is 40 watts. With a sufficiently high speed of cutting (up to 300 mm/s) and engraving (up to 400 mm/s), you can not only engage in your favorite hobby, but also set up small-scale production, for example, key rings or labels made of genuine leather.

The honeycomb working table allows you to process soft materials such as fabric, thin paper, small wood elements. High positioning accuracy (up to 0.05 mm) makes it possible to produce small objects and engrave small images, for example, letters from 1×1 mm in size.

The gas tube can last up to one and a half thousand hours. Portal

device for wood is made of a durable metal profile. The movement of the working head and table is provided by a two-phase stepper motor.

3D models can be loaded via USB cable in open graphic formats CDR, AI, PLT, DXF, DWG, DST, BMP.

Wattsan 0203 micro is an excellent choice for hobby and small-scale production.

The price is $1326.

Wattasan 0503

Medium format Wattsan 0503 for the home is designed for metal cutting and metal engraving , also suitable for wood, acrylic, paper, plastic, rubber, plywood, cardboard, fabric and fur, plexiglass.

It is also possible to engrave on glass, ceramics, aluminum and other soft metals – subject to the use of special thermal paste.

This device gives its owner many advantages.

  • Processing workpieces of unlimited length due to the presence of a retractable front wall for through cutting of the material. The productivity of the device is greatly increased.
  • The frame design eliminates the vibration of the equipment during operation, which is especially important when engraving. Heat treatment of the frame ensures high accuracy of work for several years.
  • The body thickness of 2.9 millimeters also helps to remove vibration, increases the life of the machine.
  • Three-phase stepper motor with ¼ belt reducer improves running smoothness, improves engraving performance, provides positioning accuracy of 0.03mm, allows you to engrave letters in 1x1mm.
  • Fotek inductive sensors are triggered at a distance of 5 millimeters, so that the elements of the portal do not collide.
  • Universal fastening of the tube with a measuring scale and a screw for adjustment ensures the speed of adjustment of the device.
  • The reduced nozzle cross-section increases the cleanliness of the cut on all materials, which is especially important for plywood and leather.
  • A 50 W polyurethane tube is attached to the nozzle using an air connector, due to which the device is able to operate at a pressure of 8 atmospheres, which is important when using a machine for processing metal blanks.
  • The working field is 500×300 mm, suitable for working with workpieces of medium and small sizes. The table can be lowered by 20 cm, which allows processing volumetric elements.

Relatively small dimensions (1020x650x580 mm) allow you to install equipment at home. High cutting and engraving speeds (up to 500 mm/s) combined with continuous material feed make this model a good choice for mass production at home.

The price is $3278.

Wattasan 6040

The Wattsan 6040 is designed to engrave and cut workpieces in a variety of materials other than metal. Provides high precision and quality of a cut.

  • Vibration during operation is removed due to the frame structure and the increased thickness of the body material (from 2.9 mm).
  • Through cutting is available: any length of material can be processed.
  • Collision of portal elements is eliminated due to the use of Fotek inductive sensors, which are triggered at a distance of 5 mm.
  • Positioning accuracy (0.03 mm) and smooth running are ensured by the installation of a three-phase stepper motor with a ¼ belt gearbox.
  • Adjustment is carried out quickly: universal tube mounts with adjusting screws and a measuring scale are used.
  • Maximum cleanliness of the cut is achieved due to the reduced cross-sectional area of the nozzle.
  • Volumetric parts can be processed: the table lowers by 16 cm.
  • The medium format machine is suitable for home if you plan to work with small and medium-sized workpieces (working field area – 600×400 mm). To place the equipment does not require a lot of space, its dimensions are 1124x920x1120 mm.

Excellent performance, long service life of the gas tube, high material processing speed (up to 500 mm / s) allow you to organize a full-fledged mass production at home .

The price is $5320.

Wattsan CO2

Wattsan CO2 Desktop Marker Designed for marking blanks made from non-metallic materials. Suitable for leather, cardboard, acrylic, plywood, wood .

A distinctive feature of the home model is its high efficiency and speed (up to 5000 mm/s) due to the use of a high-quality Yongli laser tube with a power of 30-50 W and a service life of 10,000 hours.

The device is controlled using the EzCad program with built-in engraving modes for QR and barcodes, serial numbers and other images in BMP, PLT, CDR, DXF, AI, SVG, etc. formats.

It is possible to process workpieces with different thicknesses thanks to the presence of a lifting table.

Price – $5808.

Wattsan FL TT

Wattsan FL TT Laser Marker Max Photonics is used to create plates, apply serial numbers, barcodes, make nameplates and other products from metal, ceramics and plastic.

  • The device uses a ytterbium (fiber) emitter MaxPhotonics with a power of 20, 30 or 50 W, with a service life of up to 100,000 hours.
  • Due to the high precision of the application, the laser machine for metal for the home creates high-quality images with clearly traced details.
  • The lifting scanner provides a high level of equipment customization flexibility.
  • Turning the head and fixing the tripod allow you to process oversized workpieces.
  • The standard area of the working field is 150-150 mm. Dimensions can vary from 100×100 to 300×300 mm, depending on which lens is installed.

The marker operates at high speed – up to 7000 mm/s, which allows it to be used for mass production.

The price is $ 4894.

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