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How does a laser cutting machine work ?

The device cuts various materials and makes engravings using infrared energy of a focused laser beam. Upon contact with the workpiece, it heats it to a high temperature, which is why the material does not just melt, but evaporates.

In this place, either a cut remains – when cutting with a laser, or a recess. How deeply the laser beam penetrates depends on its power. When engraved on the surface, a relief is created that forms inscriptions or drawings.

Thanks to fine tuning and numerical control, the device allows you to perform particularly thin cuts and incisions. And the evaporation of the material ensures waste-free operation. In fact, the laser machine simply removes the excess, leaving only the necessary elements.

In metal cutting machines , an auxiliary gas (argon, oxygen, compressed air) is supplied to the cut zone simultaneously with the laser beam. This supports combustion and thereby significantly reduces energy and time costs.

Along the cut line, the structure of the remaining material almost does not change, so you can not process the elements additionally, and the cuts are even and smooth, there are no notches and adhesions.

Such a machine is controlled by a controller, which contains a three-dimensional model of the future product, created in one of the usual graphic editors on a computer and transformed in CAD and CAM programs.

Data is entered into the controller from a punched tape or from a magnetic summer or through a serial data transfer interface. The information is sent to the control unit, where it is decoded. Commands go to the amplifier circuits, which move the working tool – the laser head, and also control the movement of the desktop.

What can be done with the cnc laser cutting machine?

The device for the home gives its owner a lot of opportunities. On a laser machine for wood or metal cut various materials and perform engraving, creating

On a laser machine , you can perforate clothes, shoes, bags and other leather products, creating exclusive items.

Advantages of choosing Wattsan brand laser machines

When you choose Wattsan brand equipment, you get a truly superior machine for cutting and engraving metal, wood and other materials. Let’s name the main advantages.

Top 2 Laser Machines

Wattsan FL LT

The desktop Wattsan FL LT Max Photonics is the right solution for the home to mark sheet metal, cardboard, plastic, ceramics. Ytterbium (fiber) emitter MaxPhotonics with a power of 20, 30 or 50 W is installed in a non-lifting holder, the focusing of the laser beam is performed when the table is raised and lowered. The size of the working area varies; 110×110, 150×150, 200×200 mm. The smaller, the thinner the beam can be obtained.

The speed of work is up to 7000 mm/s. The device is equipped with a foot pedal start, which increases the convenience of using the equipment. The model for metal is suitable for organizing small-scale production.

The price is $4741.

Wattsan RF

Wattsan RF DAVI is a floor laser marker with a gas tube, but safer due to the use of an RF emitter. To power such emitters, only 48 volts are required, and not 50,000 volts, as when using high-voltage ignition units. This increases the level of operational safety.

The dimensions of the working field vary from 75×75 to 300×300 mm. When marking small layouts in depth, it is recommended to choose a smaller area in order to create a thinner beam. Accordingly, the quality of the result is improved.

The marker is controlled using the EzCad program, which has built-in modes for creating serial numbers, barcodes and other images. The device supports BMP, PLT, CDR, DXF, AI, SVG and so on.

Accurate and reliable, this marker operates at speeds up to 5000 mm/s and allows you to set up a small business.

The price is $12,271.

Answers on questions

What is the average cost of a laser machine ?

On average, the price of such equipment is about $20,000. A desktop-type mini-device will cost at least $1,000.

How much does a large laser machine cost ?

A wide-format device with a working area of 2000×3000 mm can be purchased from LASERCUT for 24,000, 40,800, $20,200. A device with a working area of 1600×3000 mm costs about $30,600, $14,500.

The exact prices can be found in the product cards on the site or in the price list , which we are ready to send you upon request.

Can I use a laser machine at home?

Yes, you can install it in an apartment, private house, garage or home workshop. Compact models with a small working area – up to 400×600 mm, with laser power up to 95 W, for example, Wattsan 0203 micro are suitable for this .

Such a device will allow you to make postcards, stencils, paper crafts, appliqué sets, products made of felt and leather, fabrics and felt, toys, souvenirs, elements for interior decor, lamps.

Is it possible to cut acrylic on a laser machine ?

This material is excellent for cutting and engraving on CO2 laser equipment. To keep the transparent edge of the material, a small stream of air is supplied to the cutting area.

For small acrylic items, such as souvenirs, you can use desktop models, such as Wattsan CO2 , which are suitable for the home.

Polycarbonate laser cutting safe ?

Monolithic polycarbonate is successfully cut and engraved on laser machines. Moreover, the result is higher in quality than when using some other methods of processing this material. The cuts are even, there is no deformation of the workpiece, the error is a maximum of 0.05 mm. Cutting polycarbonate allows you to give products any shape.

One of the suitable machines – Wattsan 6040 , with a laser tube with a power of 60-95 W and a working area of 400×600 mm, is quite suitable for home.

What materials cannot be cut with a laser machine ?

Laser cutting is not applicable to PVC. The reason is that when heated, PVC releases chlorine, which forms hydrogen chloride: it combines with water molecules in the air – hydrochloric acid is obtained. Its inhalation is harmful to human health. In addition, polyvinyl chloride damages the equipment itself: it quickly fails.

Do not use laser cutting machines for wood or metal to cut or engrave any materials containing chlorine, such as plastics, in which this chemical element is present. Do not cut materials containing Teflon, Teflon-coated products. When Teflon is heated to +750°C or more, toxic gases are formed.

You can understand whether plastic is suitable for laser cutting by the state of the cut edge. If it is not charred, and the engraving image has a matte white tint, you can cut the material. When the edges are charred and reddish smoke is released, it smells of burnt insulation – polyvinyl chloride is present in the plastic. It cannot be cut with a laser.

Materials containing chromium and nickel, when heated, release carcinogenic compounds – chromium VI and nickel oxide. It is also undesirable to process such workpieces with a laser.

Is MDF safe for laser cutting ?

For cutting MDF, CO2 devices are used – with a laser tube as a working tool. Such devices are able to cut out small details, for example, puzzles or designer elements. When engraved, the drawing looks like it was burned on wood.

Is it possible to cut glass on a laser machine ?

laser cutting provides high precision and speed. The image obtained during engraving is not erased, retaining its original appearance for decades.

For cutting glass, it is important to choose devices with a gas tube (CO2) whose power does not exceed 120 W, for example, Wattasan 0503 . At higher values, the light spot will be too large, and this may destroy the workpiece.

It is better to cut and engrave inexpensive cast glass: it has little lead, which results in a smooth cut or an image with a uniform structure. It is possible to process window glass, bottles, glasses, glasses, mirrors. For mirrors, not only a gas laser is suitable, but also a fiber laser, which is able to remove a layer on the reverse surface, forming original patterns.

Crystal and expensive hand-blown glass can crack when lasered.

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