A laser machine is a special equipment based on the generation of a stable high-temperature beam. The latter falls on the treated surface with a light spot of small size, with a concentration of significant energy in it.

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At this point, the workpiece material is burned off. Depending on the settings specified before work, a through cut is formed ( laser cutting ), or only the top layer of the workpiece is removed.

There are two basic principles of beam transport and beam shaping used in Wattsan machines:

  • CO 2 lasers – allow you to work with all types of materials (mainly wood ), except for metals.

However, when using a special thermal paste, work with some of them is also possible.

  • Fiber optics – these are aimed at working specifically with metals.

Allow engraving on natural stone, glass. Allows you to cut double-sided plastic. At Lasercut, you can always choose and buy reliable and trouble-free machines from the Wattsan line.

  1. How to choose a machine for home

In order not to regret the unsuccessful purchase of a wood laser cutting device, the customer must have an initial idea of which characteristics should be considered when choosing in the first place.

To begin with, you should understand exactly what tasks the machine is being purchased for , what, in what volumes and from what material it is planned to produce. The answer to the question about the required dimensions of the working field and the necessary configuration of the purchased equipment depends on this. Be sure to take into account the characteristics of the room in which you plan to install a laser wood cutting machine. An important issue is the correct assessment of one’s own financial capabilities.

The basic criteria that it is highly desirable to pay due attention to when choosing a machine are briefly considered below.

  1. Goals

It depends on what suits you best, a cutter, an engraving machine, a full-format CNC machine. The category of business in whose interests the wood laser cutting machine will be used (production volumes, workpiece sizes, etc.) should be taken into account.

  1. materials

Most of the materials that the laser machine allows you to work with are supplied to the market in standard size ranges (example: monolithic polycarbonate, sheets 2050 * 3050 mm; multilayer plywood, 1525 * 1525 mm). With this in mind, the required parameters of the working field are selected.

  1. Working area dimensions

The geometry of this structural element is specified by the ranges characteristic of the group to which the machine belongs:

  • The desktop version has a maximum working area not exceeding 600*400 millimeters. It is this blank that can be placed here when working on wood .

This is a great solution for a garage or small workshop. With such small dimensions, this is a full-fledged equipment that allows you to perform laser cutting and produce products in commercial volumes.

  • Medium format – the working area is represented by a range of options (600 * 900) – (1600 * 1000) millimeters.

The most demanded models on the market. Suitable for both private workshops and large-scale production.

  • format wood cutting machine can have a table that reaches 2000 * 3000 millimeters in size.

They produce large-sized products, or organize the production of large volumes of the same type of goods.

  1. Depth to which the table can be lowered

This characteristic directly determines the thickness of the workpiece (for example, when working with wood ), which can be processed on a particular machine. There are models with a fixed height. In those cases where work is provided only with flat blanks, this function can be omitted.

Adjustment can be automatic or manual. The first option is preferable for someone who works with materials of various thicknesses.

When buying machines with variable depth, discard models with a belt drive. They stretch over time, have a prong that can easily be sheared off, causing one side of the table to hang. It is better to choose a chain drive.

  1. Types of designs of tables

Manufacturers offer tables in the following versions:

  • lamella – standard equipment (easy to clean). The optimal solution for woodworking, but they are not suitable for working with fabrics and small parts (especially from cardboard, paper);
  • honeycomb – a very dense base, allows laser cutting of elements of any size. Thin raw materials do not sag on it. The best solution for fabrics and paper;
  • conveyor – in demand for working with rolled materials.
  1. Equipment

The main structural elements of the machine for working with various materials (for example, wood) are:

  • frame;
  • laser tube;
  • ignition block;
  • control system;
  • guides;
  • portal;
  • fastening belts;
  • engines;
  • end sensors;
  • chiller;
  • trash tray.

Consult with our manager for each of the above items. It will help you choose the model with the best configuration for your tasks.

  1. Support and maintenance

Lasercut provides a full range of service and technical support for those who have a Wattsan laser machine of any model. A number of the following services are available to our clients.

  1. Launch and commissioning

In order for even a high-quality and reliable woodworking machine to become able to perform its functionality in full, it must first be properly installed and carried out a set of commissioning work provided by the manufacturer.

Our masters carry out all stages of the mentioned works. Depending on the specific model, they may differ. But, in any case, the following block of operations must be performed:

  • the preparatory stage, during which our employees get acquainted with the equipment designed to function on a tree , study its initial data, check the integrity of the device, its completeness;
  • install the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements (by level, with the exception of reeling, grounding, proper power supply);
  • set up the control system (if necessary, software);
  • check the operation of electronics;
  • control in test mode the functioning of the mechanical elements of the machine;
  • connect existing security systems (stabilizers, cooling, etc.);
  • perform trial testing (example, laser cutting ).

This range of services is available to the owners of Wattsan laser machines , even if they are not our clients (both for legal entities and for individual entrepreneurs or individuals).

  1. Diagnostics of the laser machine . Its alignment and adjustment

Timely detection and elimination of faults extends the service life of the machine, increases the safety of operators, increases the speed of work and the quality of products.

  1. S&A Chiller Repair

It is these elements that prolong the life of solid-state emitters, laser tubes, maintaining the temperature in the optimal range. When it is critically exceeded, this device turns off the laser machine that works on wood. The chiller ensures uninterrupted and reliable operation of the most expensive and fragile devices of the machine.

  1. Repair of equipment of this brand

Ready to carry out repairs of any level of complexity. And not only in our stationary centers, but also with the departure of the brigade to another locality.

  1. Training of personnel who will work on the purchased equipment

Our service department has developed a training program for operators for laser machines (taking into account the type of equipment available, the level of training of customer representatives).

  1. Dimensions and power

The dimensions of the laser equipment (working surface) are an important factor determining the technical capabilities of laser cutting . That is why you should choose the geometry of the machine, taking into account the planned dimensions of the workpieces and the volume of the upcoming production.

According to the surface that the desktop of a particular model has, all laser machines are divided into three groups:

  • desktop (the smallest versions). can be equipped with tables, the dimensions of which are set in the range (200-300) – (400-600) millimeters.

As a rule, the power of such models does not exceed 40 watts. However, these parameters are quite enough to organize a high-quality solution to a wide range of tasks, including woodworking . The owner of such a machine can arrange the production of souvenir products in small series, the production of toys, jewelry, and other products from various raw materials, from paper to plexiglass and genuine leather. Great for making stamps and seals.

  • Medium dimensions – the tables here are much larger, (600-900) – (900-1600) millimeters.

The laser tubes installed on them have a higher power (up to 90 W), which makes it possible to establish small-scale and even medium-scale production. These products are in the highest demand on the market, especially small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Large format equipment – tables (1200-2000) – (2000-3000) millimeters.

Very powerful machines used in industries where work is associated with dimensional workpieces and significant volumes of products. Tables of this size make it possible to lay, for example, standard plywood sheets. Therefore, first of all, their use is associated with woodworking and furniture industries. Often laser machines of this group are used when working with a variety of rolled materials (vinyl film, fabrics).

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