1. Brief description of the machines

The Wattsan product line is represented in Russia by a significant number of various models that differ in design features, operational characteristics, a list of tasks available for solution (for example, laser cutting ), prices. You can familiarize yourself with the basic parameters of goods presented on the domestic market in detail by studying the review.

For example, consider a couple of models that are in high demand among consumers.

  1. Wattasan 0503

This laser engraver has proven itself well, thanks to a well-thought-out design, ease of use, reliability and reasonable price.

This model can be attributed to the medium format. The main application is engraving, often laser cutting wood on a machine , other non-metallic materials.

However, this machine perfectly copes with a number of other materials: cardboard and plexiglass, plastic and paper, acrylic and leather, rubber, fur, fabrics.

Among the advantages of the device, the possibility of its use for mass production.

Wattsan 0503 allows you to engrave workpieces made of stone, ceramics, glass, aluminum and its alloys, and other soft metals (thermal paste is additionally used when working with metal workpieces).

The main characteristics of the laser engraver:

  • dimensions of the working field (in millimeters) – 500 * 300;
  • engraving speed (mm/s) – ≤500;
  • positioning accuracy reaches (in mm) – 0.03;
  • cutting speed (mm/sec) – ≤500;
  • power of the installed tube (W) – 50.

As a second sample, consider a full-fledged laser machine.

  1. Wattsan 6090LT

This model is bigger and more powerful. Main characteristics:

  • the size of the available working field is 900 * 600, which allows you to work with larger workpieces by cutting them with a laser ;
  • standard handset power – up to 90 W;
  • positioning accuracy is similar, 0.03mm;
  • cutting and engraving speed can reach 500mm/sec.

This machine does not need secondary cutting of blanks, which means that its owner saves time on the manufacture of a unit of production and reduces its cost , which has a positive effect on profit growth.

Choosing the Wattsan 6090LT model will allow you to process workpieces of any length (there are no restrictions on the mentioned indicator). This was made possible thanks to the retractable front wall. The machine is an excellent solution for owners of medium and small businesses. It becomes an excellent addition to large workshops with laser equipment.

  1. Principle of operation

The processing of the workpiece is performed by a laser beam. The latter represents a coherent narrowly directed stimulated and monochrome radiation that occurs in active media due to external influences of an energy nature. The latter can be chemical, optical, electrical, and others.

The process is based on the physical ability of certain substances to emit photons with the required wavelength, which occurs as a result of the collision of an atom with a coherent photon. The latter, however, is not absorbed. There are extra photons, which act as a carrier of the laser beam.

In the simplest retelling, the generation of a laser beam occurs as follows: the active medium is pumped, due to the presence of an external energy source (for example, a ruby crystal), with photons with the required energy coming from outside. They knock out their twins from the atoms of the substance that forms the active medium. However, they are not absorbed by themselves.

The optical resonator present in the design, the role of which can be played by two mirrors installed in parallel, conducts additional saturation of the medium. This leads to multiple collisions of identical photons with atoms. In turn, this provokes the appearance of new photons. One mirror, in such a device, is semi-transparent, which allows photons to pass freely through it towards the optical axis. This forms a narrowly focused laser beam.

Wattsan offers customers laser machines of various designs. According to the type of active media used, they are divided into:

  • gas;
  • solid state;
  • semiconductor.

According to the type of energy used for pumping:

  • impulse;
  • with constant power.

In addition to these indicators, lasers are classified according to a number of other parameters: purpose, radiation power, size, and others.

  1. What can be done with the machine

If we consider Wattsan products exclusively as a device used for laser cutting wood (MDF, plywood), then the owner of such equipment has ample opportunity to choose possible options for developing his own business. Here are just some of the available solutions.

  1. Production of interior items, furniture

For these purposes, models of overall laser cutters are better suited. For example, let’s refer to the Wattsan 1610 Duos ST model, which is in demand for the production of modular furniture.

The raw material, most often, is 8 mm thick plywood, which ensures the proper strength of the finished structure. It is possible to produce classic furniture or fulfill individual orders, a variety of exclusive solutions.

Goods such as carved wall panels, acting as a decor or decoration element, are in great demand.

Thin plywood makes excellent decorative screens for heating radiators.

  1. Making plywood keyrings and engravings

Small-sized souvenirs are made on Wattsan table engravers. For release, thin multilayer plywood is used. Fridge magnets, key rings are in constant demand.

Organize the release of caricatured images of popular characters from films and computer games, stickers for social networks, and other products that are in demand.

Engravings on the theme of the works of Russian and foreign artists, varnished and stained, look even in monochrome.

  1. Release of kits for self-assembly and children’s designers

These kits are rapidly gaining popularity. Moreover, the degree of complexity depends solely on the imagination of the master. Arrange for the supply of simple kits to assemble houses or the manufacture of complex structures with moving parts.

The latest devices require a preliminary detailed study of the vector layout. But products of this type are more expensive, which reduces the payback period. As a rule, for such a business, Wattsan 6090 models are purchased (similar models with comparable characteristics).

  1. Decor, props, production of street signs and advertising

If you decide to start manufacturing promotional products, pay attention to the Wattsan-1290 machine. Demonstrates acceptable performance on the processing of blanks made of PVC and polycarbonate, plexiglass and vinyl film. This laser machine is in demand in the manufacture of functional furniture and stands for exhibition pavilions.

Profitable direction of work, production of street signs.

Cutting patterns for garment industry enterprises (private companies) is also available for this model.

  1. findings

The acquisition of a Wattsan laser machine allows you to organize a profitable business with minimal costs and in a short time. Any technical advice on the purchase of the necessary equipment can be obtained from the manager of the Lasercut customer service department.

  1. Answers on questions

Below are answers to a number of questions asked by company employees regarding the use of laser machines.

  1. Is it possible to put wood into a laser machine?

The Wattsan line of machines is designed to work on wood and plywood. You should carefully read the documentation attached to the machine, which details the requirements for wooden blanks.

  1. What wood is suitable for laser cutting?

First of all, laser equipment is used when working with the following types of wood:

  • conifers (spruce, pine, cedar), deciduous (birch, alder). Work is carried out with lamellas made of wood of the above species, the thickness of which does not exceed 6-8 millimeters;
  • natural veneer (peeled, planed, sawn);
  • valuable wood (walnut, cherry, other belonging to the mentioned group);
  • solid wood, glued or solid;
  • cork veneer;
  • multilayer plywood (it is recommended to use moisture resistant, grades FK);
  • slab multiplex;
  • MDF sheets.

Other materials can be used after their empirical selection.

  1. What thickness of wood can a laser cutter cut?

As a rule, machines are designed to work with wooden blanks, the thickness of which does not exceed 8 mm.

  1. Can a laser cut plywood?

Wattsan equipment is designed for laser engraving and laser cutting of plywood. You can read more about the technology for performing such work on our website or consult with a customer service manager.

  1. Is MDF suitable for laser cutting ?

MDF boards are pressed chips. The structure of the material is homogeneous, easy to process, cut on laser machines.